cnet's support Application Programming Interface

In addition to cnet's core API, a number of functions are provided that are not strictly part of cnet, but have been shown to be frequently required when writing network protocols. This enables you to focus on the task of protocol writing and evaluation without having to worry about, for example, the implementation of a function not provided by the ISO-C99 standard or your operating system. A protocol accessing any of these functions should have both:

    #include <cnet.h>
    #include <cnetsupport.h>

Note that these functions' names are not prefixed with CNET_.    As these function are not part of the core API, they do not set cnet_errno on error, and are not traced under execution.

Suggestions for other functions to be added to this support API are welcome.

In each section these functions are presented as C prototypes, often with an example of their use.

Basic lexical functions

Vector management

Queue management

Hashtable management

MD5 cryptographic checksum functions

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