GNUplot Demonstrations

  1. simple plots
  2. controls example plot
  3. electron example plots
  4. illustration of the using command
  5. illustration of errorbar plot style
  6. Parametric 2D plotting
  7. 2D polar plotting
  8. Plotting 2D datafiles in polar mode
  9. Plotting nonparametric surfaces
  10. Plotting parametric surfaces
  11. Contour Plotting
  12. User specified discrete levels in Contours Plotting
  13. Hidden Line Removal of Explicit Surfaces
  14. Examples of 3D transformations
  15. Use of gnuplot to display probability distributions
  16. Even more probability distributions
  17. Illustration of gnuplot random function
  18. Analytical spline demo
  19. Gnuplot can plot binary matrix files
  20. Illustration of steps plotting style
  21. Contour Plotting of Irregular, Scattered Data
  22. Plots of Algebraic Singularities
  23. Use of gnuplot to plot complex functions
  24. 3D plot of multiple mesh data
  25. Use of gnuplot to integrate functions
  26. Illustration of set borders command
  27. Illustration of mixed data and commands in single file
  28. 3D Illustration of mixed data and commands
  29. Use of reread to perform infinite animation
  30. Use of time tics and multiline titles