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Oops, should be Paul_Bourke-Cosmological_simulation.jpg here

Cosmological Simulation Visualisation

Developed by: Paul Bourke(WASP, UWA) (Creator), Chris Fluke, Evan Hallein (Audio), Chris Power (Astrophysicist)
Type: Apple Quicktime (130.4 Mb)
Description: Large scale volume rendering of a cosmological N-body simulation. The projection is an angular fisheye intended for viewing inside a planetarium, originally created for ASTC (Association of Science Technology Centers) full dome show reel in 2005. Original sequence rendered at 3600 pixels square.

14937 views since 28-07-2006

Oops, should be dancing-aibo.jpg here

Dancing Aibo

Creator: Jonathan Wan
Supervisor: Dr Wei Liu
Type: MPEG Video (5.8 Mb)
Description: This displays our school's AIBO (Artificial Intelligence RoBOt). A team of 6 AIBO's called the UWArriors will be trained for robot soccer competitions among other things.

7218 views since 30-06-2006

Oops, should be zyberflux2.jpg here

The Zyberflux

Developed by: Onetwenty (Anthony Prior, James Strauss, Minh Tran, Jason C. Wong) + Adam Matera, Poya Manouchehri
Supervisor: OneTwenty
Type: video/x-msvideo (26.0 Mb)
Description: Zyberflux is a little game project that the Onetwenty group created for the IZNullarbor game competition 2007 (and came second). Onetwenty is a group of PhD students mainly from UWA, and many were part of the 60hz real-time graphics research group. It was developed in linux with their own custom physics, animation and rendering systems, along with other libraries such as OpenGL, SDL and fmod(for sound)

417 views since 12-04-2007

Oops, should be  here

Type: Unknown format(Remote)

374 views since 10-05-2017

Oops, should be skull.jpg here

Computed Tomography

Creator: Craven Alexander
Supervisor: Dr Du Huynh
Type: Windows AVI (3.0 Mb)
Description: This video shows a reconstruction of a face and skull in 3D generated from a Computed Tomography (CT) scan of a human head.

299 views since 10-05-2017

Oops, should be uwasign0_WTY.jpg here

Planar surface interpolation

Creator: Tzu Yen Wong
Supervisors: Dr Peter Kovesi and Assoc Prof Amitava Datta
Type: image/gif (2.2 Mb)
Description: With a 2D photograph and some corner points as input, the algorithm works out the projective transformation relationship (homography), and interpolates the picture with correct perspective. No 3D model of the scene is required.

2863 views since 29-06-2007

Displaying animations 1 to 3 of 53, plus our favourites!
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