IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games

Perth, Australia
15 - 18 December 2008

The CIG series of symposia have a proud history of attracting high quality keynote speakers who span both the academic and industrial arenas. This page details biographical information about the keynote presentations scheduled for the 2008 symposium.

Jonathan Schaeffer Jonathan Schaeffer
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Jonathan Schaeffer is a professor of Computing Science at the University of Alberta. His research interests are in artificial intelligence and parallel/distributed computing. He is best known for his work on computer games. He is the creator of the checkers program Chinook, the first program to win a human world championship in any game. In 2007, he announced that checkers was solved: perfect plays leads to a draw. He is a co-founder of BioTools (bioinformatics software and the popular Poker Academy) and Chenomx (medical diagnostic software).
Penny Sweetser Penny Sweetser
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Penny Sweetser is a senior game designer at 2K Australia, currently working on an unannounced title. She previously worked for The Creative Assembly, where she worked on Medieval II: Total War and Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms. Prior to entering the games industry, she lectured game design and tutored computer science at The University of Queensland in Australia. She completed her PhD on An Emergent Approach to Game Design - Development and Play in 2006. Her research focused on player enjoyment in games and ways to enhance enjoyment through new technologies. She recently published a book based on her research, entitled Emergence in Games and has contributed several chapters to the AI Game Programming Wisdom series. She is a strong advocate of the player's experience and creating more player freedom and control in games.
Jason Hutchens Jason Hutchens
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Jason Hutchens is Lead Programmer at Interzone Games in Perth, where he is helping to make an MMO. He was previously the AI Lead at Team Bondi in Sydney and a Programmer at Lionhead Studios on the groundbreaking Black & White. Jason is also known in some circles as the developer of the MegaHAL chatterbot and as a previous winner of the Loebner Prize. Jason's PhD research focused on natural language grammatical inference, and this lead to his appointment as Chief Scientist at Artificial Intelligence Ltd. in Israel, where he developed a baby computer that could learn language from scratch, and which was capable of conversing at the level of a human toddler. Jason co-authored several AI Game Programming Wisdom chapters with Jonty Barnes, head of production at Bungie, and has recently published a chapter in Parsing the Turing Test, alongside Noam Chomsky, John Searle, Doug Lenat and Ray Kurzweil. Jason enjoys writing old-school games on the side, loves C++ and Ruby, is a fan of Joel Spolsky, listens to They Might Be Giants, and believes that hedonism is underrated. He is (probably as a consequence of all this) the biggest procrastinator you're ever likely to meet.